Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time to justify the ranking

Since this blog is listed on a political blog ranking, I better live up to it.

The Senate
Vote below the line. Don't let any party dictate how your preferences go. Look what happened in the last election. Many labor votes voting above the line didn't realise that they probably voted in a senator who they may not have wanted in the senate, one Steven Fielding of Family First. So please vote below the line. I know there are a lot of boxes to fill in, but I'm sure you know how to count to 100 and it is worth that extra 2 minutes. As to what some of those candidates stand for, here is the first short piece in a series looking at the lesser known parties.

The minor minor parties
Citizens Electoral Council
These guys are followers of Lyndon LaRouche. Lyndon LaRouche believes that humans are created in the living image of god. Not just any god, but the judeo-christian-islamic one. If he was created in the living image of god, then this god must have been a naughty boy since Lydon spent 6 years behind bars for committing mail fraud and tax violations. He is homophobic and thinks that the British family runs the world drug trade.

The CEC believe that the world is just about to experience a huge depression that will plunge everyone "into a New Dark Age beyond the imagination of most people alive today". They have been saying this for the last 40 odd years. It reminds me of those Christian groups that have been expecting judgment day any time now for the last 2000 years.

Education - The education system should be totally overhauled and students should be taught in the classical Greek way. No rote learning and new-age mumbo jumbo that is being taught in today's school. Hmmm, they haven't been in a school environment lately have they? New-age stuff isn't being taught in schools (well not at my school) and even the Greeks had to rote learn some things. By the way, a lot has been learned in the last 2500 years and I don't think kids could wait that long to find out that atoms contain protons and neutrons. The Greeks also didn't invent the idea of experimenting so science would be strange class with no testing of ideas.

Environment - Do humans impact on climate change? According to them it's "simplistic greenie scaremongering". They think our energy requirements should be met by nuclear technology and that renewable forms of energy production will produce a net economic loss to the community because of maintenance issues. They also want to control all the countries energy resources. Their policies will prevent "economic ruin, rolling blackouts, collapsing industries and consequently, death, starvation, disease and anarchy". Make up your own mind.

Economy - Their economic philosophy is that of Lyndon LaRouche. They want to establish a national bank and fund investment in agriculture, manufacturing or infrastructure which will create a million jobs. Where do they plan to get the money? Get rid of the GST and impose a 0.1% tax on speculative investments. Do you think this would work?

Arts - They support funding of the arts, but only a form of art based on the "classical tradition". That means no funding for modern art, of which the "psychotic" Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock is an example. Best to read their pamphlet, "Children of Satan III—The Sexual Congress For Cultural Fascism". This policy would reduce suicide, drug use and crime. Fantasy land, anyone?

That's just a sample of their policies, check out the website for the rest.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Car 0 'Door 3

Just when I thought that my car had got the better of me and was dying, I've managed to bring it back to life. Three problems; electrical, brakes and stereo. The first problem was responsible for the third as I latter discovered.
The first problem had been around for at least a year and finally my battery couldn't cope anymore. After about 4 weeks of testing, that problem was fixed by replacing a part worth $45. My battery has recovered and should survive till the real death of the car.
The second problem needed to be fixed since no brakes = much mayhem. That required a part replaced which, due to my connections, came in cheap at $115.
The electrical problem caused the amp on my stereo to blow up and I've been using an old boom box from the '80s for my listening needs. As you may know, I've been using old VCRs, TVs, and other electrical equipment to build guitar effects. I was able to use parts from an old TV to build a little amp which I've now installed. No need for the boom box in the back seat taking up space. So anyone traveling in the back doesn't have to have that rather large and heavy ghetto blaster sitting on their lap. The only problem is that it's not a stereo amp. But what the hell, mono is better than zero.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Listed in a listing

I've made the top 100 blogs about Australian Politics. I'm at number 82. Whoo hoo. (Well, top 100 according to that particular website.)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Facts, don't let them get in the way.

Seems like lil' old Georgie Pell doesn't think that the climate is changing. But then again it took the catholic church over 300 years to finally agree with Galileo that other planets may have moons around them. Although Pope JPII during his apology speech said that Galileo must have been divinely inspired. Can't let the facts determine the truth, can you?

I wonder how well George Pell understands science? He comments seem to be relying on selective bits of information that have been provided by biased sources. If he really did want to find out how scientists have come to the conclusion that the world is changing because of us, he may have to learn about geology, physics, chemistry and meteorology. Hmmm, if he did study these topics, he may find that some stuff in the bible could be wrong. But that's unpossible. Best he not look in these topics, he may learn something.

I'm always amazed that the religious types hold faith much higher than the facts, rationality, logic and, more importantly, questioning.

Christians aren't the only ones. How about the story of two goats being sacrificed to appease a Hindu god because a plane was having technical difficulties. If this could really solve the problem then why the hell call in the electricians?????

And another thing, completely off base, I can't stomach those athletes that praise some deity for the success that they had. If their deity is such a powerful and influential being, why bother with the hard training and dedication? Surely they could just sit around doing nothing and when they are competing call on their higher power to guide them to victory. Don't they have enough faith in their own deity to deliver? What sort of believer are they? If they had true faith there would be no need to train. Training is admitting your faith is weak. And if your faith is that weak that you have to train, then you really have no faith at all. Just admit it to yourself, your don't really really believe, do you??

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New addition to the family

I've finally found an old sewing machine pedal that I could attack with power tools. After gutting it, and using some gears and bits from an old VCR, I've housed the latest addition to my musical devices:

The wah

My setup now looks like this:
There are more on the way....