Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Among the Living 08: We may have a winner

Jane McGrath has left this earth, however for Minkey this takes her to the top of the leader board with 42 points.

This will take some beating.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Down by the river

I found a body in the Yarra River a week and a half ago. It made the channel 9 news and that one second that I was on TV combined with the obscured photo in The Age means I have nearly fulfilled my Warhol quota.

We'll, a student of mine found it but wasn't quite sure what it was. She came to me explaining that she had seen something strange floating in the water. Together we went to the scene of the UFO (unidentified floating object) and I knew what it was. I sent her back to school under the impression that it may be something innocuous while I phoned the cops to explain what I'd seen.
Within five minutes cops turned up from everywhere. Uniformed, plain clothed, in divy vans, on bikes, in squad cars and on foot. Photos taken, witness (me) questioned three times by three different cops, and calls made to search and rescue retrieve.

Meanwhile the media turn up and start filming. A duck flies in and lands on the water to examine the body. Just to make sure it is a body, the duck starts pecking. Channel nine should have good film of that. I leave partly because I have to go back to class and partly because I don't want to be interview by the media.

A few days later I'm in the cop shop making my official statement. I'm intrigued that the first line of the statement is TheDoor ".. is know to police." I always thought that tag meant you were a crim or involved in organised crime. Hang on,...........