Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rants that I would have been proud to have written

Here are a couple of posts from other bloggers that you have to read.

The first one is a response to an article written by Yvonne Fullbright on 'transcendent sex', whatever that is. It goes through the article line by line showing the flaws in the logic. For example,

'Some people actually supersede the state of climax and reach a state of transcendent sex.'

“Some people” is a fun trick to use when you have no actual evidence to support your premise. “Some people say that Yvonne Fullbright eats the souls of orphan children!” See? It’s easy and fun.

The next one is by PZ Myers on the curious case of a boy exiting a church after receiving communion without, shock horror, swallowing the host. This post was followed by a volley of vitriolic hate mail including death threats. He has posted some of the responses on his website complete with the offenders email addresses. Someone tracked down one of the death threat emails to the source and the perpetrator was using her work email. She was fired. Her husband then came out and said that he wrote the email and, get this, it was PZ Myers fault that she got the sack.

And to round it off with WYD nearly over, here is a bit about Padre Pio, whose body was flown in for the occasion. There's nothing like a corpse to get the youth of the world feeling happy.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

World youth day: Good for the profession

With World Youth Day nearly upon us, here is one way the economy may be, um, invigorated.

Brothels braced for Papal visit
Check out the photos and their captions, superb. I can't paste them here due to copyright laws.

By the way, why is it called World Youth Day when it goes for 6 days? The church has never been good with anything that requires math. Too much thinking and rationality. We don't want that, do we?

And I like this bit of thinking from Julian Morrow..
Thanks to the World Youth Day Amendment Regulation signed by the the Deputy Premier, John Watkins, on June 25, doing something which "causes annoyance or inconvenience to participants in a World Youth Day" could now lead to a criminal conviction.

It is astounding this law was signed off by Mr Watkins, who is also the Minister for Transport. One of the main causes of annoyance and inconvenience in this state - and one likely to affect World Youth Day participants - is the public transport system. Atheism notwithstanding, I pray to God that Mr Watkins will cop a fine under his ridiculous law.