Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nut-job of the Week - No. 5

The line of self help gurus is never ending. Every now and again Oprah has her favourite and they appear on her show. You just know that the cash registers will start ringing and that this latest guru will make a bundle. And of course they do a world tour to cash in on their success. So welcome to Australia, Eckhart Tolle.

I don't care how slowly he speaks, it still doesn't make any sense. Can someone please translate this? WTF?

Just read this line from his book The Power of Now,

The pain-body consists of trapped life-energy that has split off from your total energy field and has temporarily become autonomous through the unnatural process of mind identification.

And people pay money to hear this guy? It'll cost you $165 if you go and see him in Melbourne!!!!

You're on the list, Eckhart Tolle, Nut-job of the week number 5.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nut-job of the Week - No. 4

I’m back on, having been reconnected to the interwebs. The deadpool is still open for those that want to enter.

It’s time for another nut-job of the week. We don’t have to go far, this week it is that Start Catch the Fire Ministries Pastor, Danny Nalliah.

I like the way he links Victoria’s bushfire with abortion bills being passed in the Victorian government. Those country Victorians must be so evil. Also, he says that god told him back in october that bushfires would come to Victoria. Most of us know the simple equation Summer+HighTemperatures+Victoria=Bushfires. No need for a man with a long beard in the sky.

Here are some of his other views (thanks

Nalliah on multiculturalism: "Like a pressure cooker or bottle of soda water waiting to explode, the simmering racial war will reach its inevitable climax later, if not sooner... The multicultural melting pot has turned into a pressure cooker and it’s now a case of assimilate or implode Australia."

Nalliah on himself: "Pas. Danny has traveled to many countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, USA, Australia and has ministered to crowds of more than ten thousand people. He has seen thousands come into the Kingdom of God during these meetings and many blind, deaf, dump (sic), crippled people healed by the power of God. He also writes in his book of a dead girl who came back to life, when he prayed for her in Jesus Name."

CTF on homosexuality: "Nicola Roxon, and by implication the Prime Minister, has now stated that homosexuality is more important than fatherhood. Along with pandering to homosexual couples by changing laws to normalise what God says, and nature proves, is unnatural, the Labor government is now telling us that if you don’t agree you can have no place in government initiatives."

We have former treasurer Peter Costello trying to distance himself from Danny. But Peter was best buddies, and probably still is, with Danny. Check out his Australia Day message to Catch the Fire Ministries.

How can you turn your back on Danny, Peter? He was one of the few that stood up for you and anoited you as Australia's next prime minister. Surely that was also revealed to Danny via god. Other gods in conversations with their prophets must have crossed lines with Danny's conversation. Heaven really should be looking into their telecommunication problems.

So Danny, welcome to the honoured list that is Nut-job of the Week.