Saturday, March 10, 2012

The numbers game

It's been a while.....
First off, the results from last years Deadpool competition.

It was close, myself on 27, Andrew on 25 and Ms Dodo on 21.

Now for some other numbers.
This Kony meme has gone ballistic. I'm always skeptical when things go viral on the net. Sure Kony is one bad guy, but what about the group who created the video? Well they have been asked questions by some about their fund raising and how much of their cash goes to helping kids in Africa. Their response was to release this graphic.

This is a very, very misleading graphic. Compare the sizes of the "Central Africa Programs" section and the "Management & General" section. The areas of the these two aren't in proportion with the numbers. Visually is seems that they spend about 7 times more on the Programs than on Management, whereas in fact the numbers say it's around 2 times as much. Dodgy. This is deceptive. So would I give to these guys? I can't trust them to be honest, so no.


elaine said...

looking at that graphic, it also seems that the anti-Kony funding is going a long way for graphic designers.

Which is another thing that isn't that helpful for the people in central Africa.

Charlie Babbit said...

I've never liked pie charts - see:

And if you like those graphics, check out: - its safe I swear!

Anonymous said...

You must update soon - your blog posts are so enjoyable to read!

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about the Higgs discovery?